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Washington Parish, Louisiana

New Resident Information

Bogalusa, Louisiana

Among Louisiana cities, there perhaps is none whose short history is more interesting and unique than that of the City of Bogalusa . The very name �Bogalusa� is copyrighted. �The Magic City,� �The Green Empire,� � slogans of past years, are as appropriate today as they were when the axe felled the first tree to carve from a virgin pine forest the community destined to be an industrial cities of the South.

Bogalusa is situated on the eastern border of Washington Parish in the �Florida Parishes� section of Louisiana on the Pearl River (the dividing line between Louisiana and Mississippi), and is the chief manufacturing and trading center of the Pearl River Valley. Reputed to have been the largest unincorporated community in the nation at that time, Bogalusa was incorporated July 4, 1914, with a commission form of government.

The name �Bogalusa� is derived from the Indian named creek �Bogue Lusa,� which flows through the city, the definition of which is smoky or dark waters. Bogalusa owes its birth to the enterprise of the Goodyear interests of Buffalo , New York , who established the lumber industry here in 1906, and erected the Great Southern Lumber Company plant. This plant became the largest pine sawmill in the world. Today Inland Paperboard & Packaging ranks as one of the outstanding manufacturers of Kraft Liner Board and Kraft Bag Paper in the nation. 


Founded in 1906 when the lumber industry was established. Incorporated July 4, 1914.

Located in Washington Parish, Louisiana, where the Bogue Lusa Creek flows into the Pearl River. Latitude 30° 47' 00", Longitude 89° 52' 00".

City Area
Totals 9.9 square miles. City has 121 miles of paved streets.

103 feet above sea level.

Mean annual temperature 66.4°F. Mean annual rainfall 61.73".

13,365 in corporate limits; 43,926 in Washington Parish - 2000 U.S. Census.

�Mayor-Council� form, mayor and seven council members, elected by voters every four years. This form of government was inaugurated on December 4, 1978.

Public school system includes 6 elementary, one junior high and one high school. Free transportation is provided. There are three non-public schools, and a state-operated Technical School. Eight major universities are within a 95-mile radius of Bogalusa .

Bogalusa School Board: 1705 Sullivan Dr., 985-735-1392
LA Technical College, Sullivan Campus: 1710 Sullivan Dr., 985-732-6603

There are approximately 67 representing 17 denominations 

LSU Health Sciences Center provides 150-plus beds for area residents, with a two-campus facility. The medical field is comprised of doctors, optometrists, dentists and specialists providing medical care for the area. There are numerous health care clinics, a rest home with 205 beds and the Bogalusa Mental Health Clinic.

There are 6 full service banking institutions in eight locations, a credit union and several other financial establishments.


  • Trains : Canadian Northern Railroad (freight only), several motor freight lines, one interstate bus line, taxicab service, air transportation, Pearl River Waterway.
  • Airport - Bogalusa-Carr Memorial Airport, with a 5,000 foot paved, lighted runway, accessible to business jets.
  • Highways - State Highways 10 and 21 intersect in Bogalusa and provide access to Interstates 12, 55, and 59. The city is within 30 minutes of Interstate connections. Bogalusa is 69 miles north of New Orleans (one hour drive via Lake Pontchartrain Causeway) and 94 miles east of Baton Rouge .

Parish Agencies
Bogalusa is located in Washington Parish, where the town of Franklinton is the parish seat. The governing parish body is known as the Parish Council and has 7 council members and a parish president. Parish offices are located in the Court House Building, 908 Washington St., Franklinton, Louisiana 70438, phone 985-839-7825.

Washington Parish Tax Assessor, 1-800-809-0298 or 839-7815
Clerk of Court, 985-839-4663
Washington Parish Sheriff, 985-732-7160
District Attorney, 985-735-0380
Washington Parish Tourism Commission, 888-827-7118

City Agencies

Bogalusa City Hall, 214 Arkansas Ave., phone 985-732-6200
Bogalusa City Council, 214 Arkansas Ave., phone 985-732-6202
Bogalusa Police Dept., 202 Arkansas Ave., phone 985-732-3611
Bogalusa Fire Dept., 200 Arkansas Ave., phone 985-732-6219

State Agencies
Motor Vehicle Division, 62041 Benjamin Rd., Bogalusa, 70427--732-6628

Federal Agencies
U.S. Post Office, 305 Ave. B, Bogalusa 70427 985-735-5921 (post office boxes have zip code 70429)
Social Security Administration, 205 Arkansas Ave., 985-735-6570

Electric: Entergy 1-800-368-3749
Gas: CenterPoint Energy/Entex 985-735-1307
Water/Sewer/Garbage Service: Public Works Dept., City Hall 985-732-6213
Electrical Inspection: Public Works Dept., City Hall 985-732-6213
Cable: Charter Communications 1-800-821-4559
Telephone: BellSouth 1-557-6500
Cellular: Cingular 985-735-7272

Registrar of Voters
Court House, Franklinton 985-732-2925

Other Information for New Residents

Everyone must obtain an occupancy permit for an electrical inspection from the Public Works Department at City Hall. If you purchase a house, you should file for homestead exemption at the Washington Parish Tax Assessor's office between January 1st and April 1st. Property not under homestead exemption must have property tax paid by December 31st, at the Sheriff's Office. Bogalusa has zoning laws and codes; additions or new structures must have building permits obtained at Public Works Department.

All vehicles must be given a safety inspection sticker once a year. Cars must be registered in Louisiana when residence is established or when employment is acquired. For a driver's license, out-of-state is good for 90 days; a new license must be obtained after establishing residence or securing employment.

To register a child for school, there must be a health record of immunization and a birth certificate to present to the Bogalusa School Board office.

A spacious branch of Washington Parish Library containing over 40,000 volumes is located at 304 Avenue F; 985-735-1961.


  • Newspaper - The Daily News (daily except Saturday)
  • Radio - WBOX - Best Country B-92, and WIKC
  • Cablevision - Charter Communications
  • Washington Television � local access
  • Timberlands Advertiser � free advertiser paper

Attractions & Entertainment
There is one movie theater with 5 screens, one bowling alley and one 9-hole golf course in Bogalusa, along with many organized year-round recreation programs including youth baseball, basketball, football and other sports. Bogalusa has 2 YMCA's with pools, a YWCA, Scouting and Camp Fire. Facilities include lighted ballparks and tennis courts and several parks and playgrounds. Cassidy Park includes a petting zoo, tennis courts, nature trails and playgrounds. Lake Vista Native Preserve features camping, nature trails and fishing. Many other attractions are listed on the Washington Parish Tourism Brochure.

There are 5 motels and 3 "bed & breakfasts" in Bogalusa, as well as several mobile home parks.

Bogalusa merchants provide a retail trade zone of more than 184,000 people within a 30-mile radius. Businesses are spread throughout the city, with concentrations in 5 shopping centers. A diversity of merchandise is offered, ranging from small specialty stores to the large chains. The Chamber encourages you to patronize its member businesses and keep our sales tax dollars working within Bogalusa.

Distinct Areas:
Columbia Street and Vicinity � Avenue F � Austin Street
Northgate Shopping Center � Pine Tree Plaza � Shopyard Square
Washington Square � Superior Avenue � Avenue B Shopping Center

Bogalusa has many restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments. The variety includes seafood, Mexican, pizzas, Chinese, hamburgers, steaks, etc.

Festivals & Annual Events
A detailed pamphlet listing all major festivals and events in the Washington Parish area may be obtained by contacting the Chamber or Washington Parish Tourism Commission.

Maps, Postcards & Video
Bogalusa and Washington Parish Maps, reproductions of the old Bogalusa Postcards, Washington Parish postcard, and the Washington Parish Video can be obtained at the Bogalusa Chamber of Commerce. Pins and brochures from the Washington Parish Tourism Commission are also available.