Information Services


Contact: Bonnie Eades  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 504-528-2090
Fax: 504-528-9427
365 Canal St., Ste. 3000 
New Orleans LA 70130 
local , long distance, high speed internet and video service-all now part of the new AT&T 

Better Business Bureau

Contact: Dick Mitchell/Cynthia Albert  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 504-522-9363
Fax: 504-524-9110
1539 Jackson Ave., Ste. 400 
New Orleans LA 70130 
"When in doubt--check it out!" It's just good business. 

Bogalusa Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Marilyn G. Bateman  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-5731
Fax: 985-735-6707
608 Willis Ave. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
The Chamber is a non-profit organization of businesses, professionals, organizations, government agencies, individuals, etc. working together to make our community a better place to live, work and prosper. 

Mailbox One

Contact: Henry Rayford  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-732-2545
425 Columbia St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Packing and shipping services-all types and sizes! 

Neighborhood Housing Service-Northshore

Contact: Justin Jernigan  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-732-0064
Fax: 985-732-0122
2030 S. Columbia St. 
1140 North Lane, Mandeville 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Non-profit organization-counseling for home buyers, financial credit, foreclosure, education for first-time buyers. Part of New Orleans group, with offices in Mandeville and now Bogalusa. 

Polk City Directories

Contact: Bert Bridges, Acct. Mgr.  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-373-5666
Fax: 985-898-2944
Mandeville LA 70448 
demographic information of residents and businesses in Washington Parish 


Contact: Site Manager  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-730-6000
Fax: 985-730-6001
411 Industrial Pkwy. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Information support for various businesses; worldwide locations for customer service needs. 

Sunshine Pages by Eatel

Contact: Cathy Mattox  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 504-832-9835
Fax: 504-832-9931
3445 N. Causeway Blvd., Ste. 1000 
Metairie LA 70002 
publisher of directories--books and CD version; advertising opportunities 

Youth Svc. Bureau/CASA

Contact: Jean Simmons/Sharon Lorio  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-9114
Fax: 985-735-9144
314 Austin St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Private, non-profit United Way agency serving children/families through many programs providing prevention & intervention services. CASA program has trained volunteers appointed by a judge to speak in court for youth.