Real Estate/Apartments

Betsy Knight Real Estate

Contact: Betsy Knight  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-7501
Fax: 985-735-6692
503 Louisiana Ave. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Home appraisals- real estate professionals helping to solve all problems when buying or selling. 

Neighborhood Housing Service-Northshore

Contact: Justin Jernigan  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-732-0064
Fax: 985-732-0122
2030 S. Columbia St. 
1140 North Lane, Mandeville 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Non-profit organization-counseling for home buyers, financial credit, foreclosure, education for first-time buyers. Part of New Orleans group, with offices in Mandeville and now Bogalusa. 

Renovated Rentals, L.L.C.

Contact: Johni H. Miles  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-5362
Fax: 985-735-5362
623 Virginia Ave. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
" Wanted: Good tenants for renovated housing that is maintained by a good landlord." Tenant must fill out application, sign lease and put up deposit.