Government Offices/Public Officials

B.B."Sixty" Rayburn Correctional Center

Contact: Warden Tanner  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-986-5000
Fax: 985-986-5159
27268 Hwy. 21 
Angie LA 70426 
minimum security facility; name changed from Washington Correctional Institute to honor parish senator- B.B."Sixty" Rayburn. 

City of Bogalusa

Contact: Mayor James "Mack" McGehee  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-6200
Fax: 985-732-6245
P.O. Drawer 1179 
Bogalusa LA 70429 

Congressman Steve Scalise

Contact: Justin Crossie  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-340-2185
Fax: 340-3122
112 S. Cypress St., Hammond 
21454 Koop Dr., Ste. 1E, Mandeville 
Hammond LA 70403 
U.S. Congressional Offices 

Johnny Crain, Clerk of Court

Contact: Johnny Crain  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-732-7189
Fax: 985-839-3116
Courthouse Bldg. 
Franklinton LA 70438 
Clerk of Court 

Mack McGehee-Mayor

Contact: James McGehee  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-6200
Fax: 732-6245
202 Arkansas Ave. 
P.O. Box 1179 
Bogalusa LA 70429 
Mayor of City of Bogalusa 

Parish President

Contact: Richard Ned Thomas  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-839-7825
Fax: 985-839-7827
909 Pearl St. 
Franklinton LA 70438 
Washington Parish President 

Randy Seal, Tax Assessor

Contact: Randy Seal  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-839-7815
Fax: 985-839-7818
908 Washington St. 
Franklinton LA 70438 

Robert Black, City Judge

Contact: Judge Robert Black  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-6800
Fax: 985-735-8978
630 Louisiana Avenue 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Bogalusa City Judge 

Walter Reed, District Attorney

Contact: Walter Reed  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-898-2392
Fax: 985-730-5701
428 E. Boston St. 
Covington La 70433 
District Attorney 

Washington Parish Sheriffs Office

Contact: Bobby Crowe  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-839-4468
Fax: 985-839-7804
1002 Main St. 
Franklinton LA 70438 
Sheriffs department-Bogalusa office is 732-7160. 

Workforce Dev./Bogalusa Job Center, LA Dept. of Labor

Contact: n/a  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-732-6630
Fax: 985-732-6634
P.O. Box 10 
438 Avenue B 
Bogalusa LA 70429-7042 
Job Placement Service-Unemployment Insurance Service-Counseling-Testing