Financial Services/Investments

Bogalusa Credit, Inc.

Contact: Tina Lobrano  E-Mail:  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-5540
Fax: 985-735-5466
322 Austin St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Over 30 years experience, with fast and friendly service on loans. 

Capital One Bank

Contact: Gwen Sawyer  E-Mail: n/a  URL: http:/ 
Phone: 985-732-3633
Fax: 985-732-6353
346 Columbia St. 
P.O. Box 1000 
Bogalusa LA 70429 
Full-service banking; many branches 

Central Progressive Bank

Contact: Chyrll McCraney/Belinda Adams  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-3000
Fax: 985-732-3064
200 Richmond St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
We provide professional and courteous banking needs to our customers. 

Citizens Savings Bank

Contact: Leo Mickenheim  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-6555
Fax: 985-735-7610
1725 Sullivan Drive 
201 Cumberland 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Customer loans, saving certificates and bonds; locations in two parishes 

Edward Jones Investments

Contact: Joe Romano, Representative  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-8800
Fax: 985-735-7393
400 Georgia Ave. 
Pine Tree Plaza, Suite 10 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Stocks, Bonds, Tax free bonds, financial counseling of all kinds. 

First Financial Services, LLC

Contact: Bennie Burris  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-8203
Fax: 985-735-8247
441 Columbia Street 
Bogalusa LA 70427 

Hancock Bank

Contact: James Slocum  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-3661
300 Austin St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
banking, loans, investments 

Lee Finance Company, Inc.

Contact: Duane Billings  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-6526
Fax: 985-732-9796
344 Martin Luther King Dr. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 

Magee Financial Corp. of Bogalusa

Contact: Lloyd Ball  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-8267
Fax: 985-735-5663
414 Columbia St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Fast, friendly, confidential service. 

Modern Finance Co. of Bog., Inc.

Contact: Mack Corcoran  E-Mail: n/a  URL: n/a 
Phone: 985-735-1347
Fax: 985-735-1349
314 East 5th St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Specializing in making signature loans. 

Resource Bank

Contact: Lynn Kennedy  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-5050
Fax: 985-732-5011
402 Ave.B 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Loans, and full service banking. 

Whitney National Bank

Contact: Joan Williams  E-Mail: n/a  URL: 
Phone: 985-735-6551
Fax: 985-735-7848
600 Columbia St. 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Powerful products and services you won't find elsewhere. 

Zellco Credit Union

Contact: Cliff McDaniel/Kathy Hand  E-Mail:  URL: 
Phone: 985-732-7522
Fax: 985-732-2361
520 Ave. V 
226 Memphis 
Bogalusa LA 70427 
Loan services, savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs